Institutional & Public Buildings

National Library & Archives

Inspired from plant leaves, the barrier free complex design integrates and optimizes seamless movement of different vehicles

The project comprises the construction of a new complex of international standards to house two key institutions of the Republic of Mauritius, namely the National Archives and the National Library. The basic design of the National Archives & National Library is inspired by the geometry of leaves. All the major components of the project have been placed in such a way that they complement each other and at the same time are segregated to symbolize the different nature & typology of the buildings. An integrated & seamless vehicular circulation plan has been proposed to efficiently cater to the users within the complex. A traffic plan has been emphasized on providing a conflict-free movement of private, VIP, services, security, fire and ambulance vehicles. The entire complex will be designed to provide a barrier-free movement to its users.

NBCC India Ltd.
Site Area
3.34 Acres
Built-up Area
8,72,74 sq ft