Offices & IT Parks

General Pool Office Accommodation

Seamlessly integrating the greens and landscape in an urban high-rise setting

One of the upcoming landmark buildings along the ring road, the GPOA has better visibility and easy connectivity owing to its location. The Construction is proposed as per the latest life and safety norms for fire and structural design stated in NBC 2016, High-speed construction techniques with monolithic RCC shear walls and aluminum framework, serving a better finish. Seamlessly integrated greens and landscape in the urban rise setting to avoid concrete jungle, prominence is given to the landscape design and ease of access. The proposed zoning is planned keeping in mind the existing trees on the site. Thus, enhancing the streetscape for a thriving and safe environment.

NBCC (India) Ltd.
New Delhi
Site Area
18.64 Acres
Built-up Area
16,85,165.52 sq ft