Institutional & Public Buildings

National Institute of Design

An ensemble of interconnected environmental friendly buildings

The National Institute of Design Bhopal has been designed as an institutional building that works behind the concept of a creative spine to ensure maximum visibility and transparency. Adequate spaces have been maintained to give a varied experience to students in the form of inspiring interactive and intelligent spaces. The highest point of the site is planned as a library which is envisioned as the temple of knowledge. The creative spine is designed as a series of interactive nodes and landscaped plazas combining with student classrooms, studios and workshops. The 3 floors of the academic block visually connect with the ground-level activities and the workshops through the spine. The interiors of the classrooms and workshops have been considered as per the requirement of the design studio making them more collaborative and interactive, following a pattern very different from regular college classrooms. Workshops are designed as double-height spaces to accommodate heavy machinery. A dedicated auditorium has been designed close to the entrance with separate parking of capacity 500.

NBCC India Ltd.
Site Area
28.61 Acres
Built-up Area
21,200 sq ft