Institutional & Public Buildings

Vedic University

A modern day approach towards the Gurukul System

The design concept of the Vedic University is the Trishakti Yantra, which is a combination of three symbols- Swastika, Om and Trishula. Trishul protects from mental imbalance and helps in meditation of the mind. It keeps away negative vibrations. Swastik is known for good fortune and well-being. Om symbol refers to the soul and ultimate reality, the entirety of the universe, truth, divine, supreme spirit, cosmic principles, knowledge. Based on the symbolic meaning and importance of these three energies, the spaces in the complex are provided in a hierarchy similar to that of the Trishakti yantra. Located in the midst of sprawling greens, the complex enables an organic movement for its visitors within the complex, giving a sense of serendipity and self-discovery for its visitors.

Badri Bhagat Jhandewala Temple Society
Site Area
39.68 Acres
Built-up Area
5,79,260 sq ft