Urban Design & Township

Kathputli Colony Redevelopment

Built on world class standards of sustainability, the design articulates a dense urban development and creates an instant icon within the NCR’s architectural heritage

The project is an innovative step towards Delhi’s Urban Renewal, aiming to solve the problem of slums in Delhi’s urban scenario. Sited on a strategically located 5.26 acre parcel with close proximity to the metro rail station and with expansive views of the Ridge and the Capitol, the development is based on the concept of building rehab housing for the current inhabitants on the site and using the sponsored incentives for additional upscale residential and commercial development. The signature residential tower, a crescent-shaped configuration in the plan, incorporates four apartments per floor served by two elevator cores and the predominantly SE orientation facilitates expansive territorial views. Expansive 3m deep decks and balconies punctuate the façade with an orchestrated pattern and a series of landscaped ‘Sky Gardens’ also serving as refuge areas infuse the facades with perforations and greenery.

Delhi Development Authority
New Delhi
Site Area
12.89 Acres
Built-up Area
21,44,687 sq ft