Urban Design & Township

Central Park Flower Valley

A meticulously crafted township inspired by the concept of ‘Green Living’

The design is inspired by the green philosophy which brings in not only healthy and fresh living but also a spectacular view all around- the concept of green living. A vibrant township conceived to give a healthy environment with lots of natural and landscaped greenery within the premises. The township is meticulously crafted with all the modern amenities. The apartment blocks are beautifully spread out around the existing full-grown trees, extensive green surroundings. The sky-lit green avenues and pathways wrap around these apartment blocks, providing an enticing ambiance and picturesque outdoor settings. Several water bodies have also been planned as a part of the landscape

St. Patricks Realty Pvt Ltd
Site Area
2 Acres
Built-up Area
1,09,000 sq.ft.