Urban Design & Township

Sarojini Nagar Redevelopment

‘Revitalizing the Urban Grain’ - strategic steps to rejuvenate the neighbourhood while seamlessly integrating the essence of the community

The name ‘Sarojini Nagar’ resonates nostalgia amongst the residents of the city, owing to its exhilarating market and its rich and dense foliage embellishing its streets. With the proposed redevelopment, the primary vision is to shape the project around its rich legacy and culture, to keep its heart thriving and rejuvenate the neighborhood for the benefit of future generations. The master plan envisions to ‘Revitalize the Urban Grain’ with strategic steps to set a benchmark for the city while seamlessly integrating the essence of the community. As part of the strategy, the majority of Social Infrastructure facilities have been reserved in original locations for the benefit of the community. Thereby emphasizing the creation of systematic development for residential and commercial use in a phased manner. Facilities such as Primary and Senior secondary schools, police complex, post office, Barat Ghar, Greh Kalyan Kendra, etc. are retained in their original location with augmented facilities.

NBCC (India) Ltd
New Delhi
Site Area
258.186 Acres
Built-up Area
2,99,78,093 sq ft