The Eros Marketplace

A marketplace designed as an event space, that endorses exchange of goods, ideas, art and inspiration

The Eros marketplace has been conceptualised as an opportunity to design a neighborhood commercial facility that engages with people in a friendly and inspiring manner. Sited in the heart of a residential development, the surrounding mix of land use makes it a potential hub of activities that encourage varied footfall. Standing distinct through its grand appearance, its classical architecture is dominated by a Clock Tower in the centre. While creating a unique community hub, the marketplace is designed on traditional street-square principles with modern technologies to create comfort zones that promote outdoor activities. An Inside-out mall concept creates room for fresh air and ample natural light in the common areas, simultaneously providing light and ventilation to the retail zone.

Eros Group
Site Area
2,65,000 sq.ft.
Built-up Area
1,29,167 sq.ft.