Indirapuram Habitat Centre

Crafting an exhilarating socio-cultural hub for the neighbourhood

Posing an opportunity to design a space for the community that would celebrate the sociocultural diversity of the area, the Indirapuram Habitat Centre is spread across an area of 12.5 Acres offering a larger canvas to craft experiences for the neighborhood. Reflecting the communal ethos and drawing inspiration from the traditional market-driven social spaces, the intent was to revisit the traditional India bazaar model and present-day popular neighborhood markets, while imbibing their inherent character of serving as socio-cultural places, connecting shopping streets and open courtyards, whilst energizing them with activity. A mix of retail and residential uses are tied together by a network of streets and characterized by chowks that act as social landmarks or community spaces. Together with a vibrant assortment of varied Retail spaces, Restaurants, Foodcourt, Multiplex, a Convention center, a Club, Service Apartments and an Educational institute, the project creates a microcosm of the traditional vibrant urban fabric, by orchestrating functions in an integrated, yet organized manner.

Indirapuram Habitat Centre Pvt. Ltd.
Site Area
5,44,500 sq.ft.
Built-up Area
17,70,245 sq.ft.