Westin Resort

Bringing back relaxation & luxury into a family destination

With a vision to develop a family-oriented, comfortable destination that offers a plethora of facilities and interesting features for the guests, the Westin resort is established as a luxury destination in the heart of Jaipur. Driven by the brief, the design manifests itself in a contemporary manner that it steps away from traditional Rajasthani architecture, yet is rooted in culture. Offering a completely new experience for the visitors, a Balinese version of the built-form is designed with an experience-driven approach. The Master plan defines two major zones- public and private, with the pool as a mitigating transition between the two that opens up into a large open space surrounded by cottages laid out organically. Sustainable features such as Water management, Organic planning and Solar Passive design and elements, creation of a microclimate with water bodies, the use of Local materials such as stone masonry, RCC and a focus on an Environmentally Sensitive Landscape, found the basis for climatically-sensitive zoning to reduce solar heat intake.

Mangalam Group
Site Area
7.78 Acres
Built-up Area
1,08,492 sq.ft.