HCG Mangalam Jaipur

A super-specialty hospital dealing in oncology providing complete under-a-single-roof cancer care

Equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology that is at par with global standards, HCG Mangalam provides all patients with access to the latest developments in cancer therapy, research, and cure. Located on 2.66 acres of land in Jaipur, this institution has established benchmarks in cancer treatment across the nation. Ideated around the use of an existing hospital and seamlessly blending it with the new construction, the intent was to not demolish the existing hospital building, to save time and resources. The design reflects a functional approach towards the designing of a hospital premise that packs all the facilities under one institution while ensuring the well-being of the patients. The shape of the new structure has been carefully planned to achieve two courtyards between the existing and the new building to ensure adequate natural light and ventilation in all parts of the built area while serving as much needed relief spaces for patients and visitors.

Saville Hospital & Research Centre Pvt Ltd
Site Area
2.67 Acres
Built-up Area
4,06,852 sq.ft.