Mangalam Ananda

Amalgamating traditional architectural elements with the modern-day development

Spread across 35 acres, the Aananda Township is located in the Sanganer area, which is being developed as an extension to Jaipur, Rajasthan. Designed for a luxurious lifestyle, this ‘Complete city’ promotes sustainable habitats. With an emphasis on pedestrian-friendly green areas, the township integrates all essential facilities for a rejuvenating experience. Taking inspiration from the traditional street–courtyard concept for arid habitats, where a system of transition – public to semi-private to private – is planned. A network of streets leads from the main vehicular peripheral road to the central green area, where the streets act as spill out spaces for residents. This enables a large green area, which acts as the highlight for the development. The residential units are centered around the large linear central park. Imbibing cues from traditional architectural elements and solar passive cooling techniques, a combination of pergolas, jaalis and shading elements are developed which have been incorporated in a simple and sophisticated manner to create an appealing façade.

Mangalam Group
Site Area
35 Acres
Built-up Area
2,560,000 sq ft