Great Gatsby Club

A unique social, cultural and entertainment destination with a distinct design ideality in terms of function and form

A state-of-the-art architecture is what best describes the Great Gatsby Club. This building adorns an elevation that portrays contemporary architecture with a diverse use of materials and formwork. It consists of a large variety of activities and there are rooms to accommodate these functions. The club consists of banquet halls and activity areas like multi-cuisine restaurants, card room, indoor game room, gym, temperature-controlled swimming pool, and spa with guest rooms. The grandeur and the royalty of the place are further accentuated for the visitors through its interiors. The lighting installations together with creative flooring and ceiling patterns ensure a great experience for the guests of the place.

Great Gatsby Club of India
New Delhi
Site Area
91,845 sq.ft.
Built-up Area
2,29,378 sq.ft.