Services + Philosophy
All architecture should speak of its time and space, but must always yearn for timelessness. At GPMA, we attempt to push the envelope of design every day, in order to find creative and sustainable solutions to the existing problems in the real estate domain. We believe in excellence throughout the design process and enable this through all aspects of the working of the studio. Our in-depth knowledge, vast experience and client-focused outlook contribute to innovative buildings that respond to the stakeholders' needs, and the context, culture and climate. Our clients know that they can count on us for providing the most user- friendly and cost-effective solutions at every step. We treat architecture as more than just a science of measurements and shapes; we believe it to be an art form. This belief pushes us to critically question the existing norms and constantly remain in search to find the most innovative solutions for our stakeholders.



Architecture Planning and Urban Design Engineering Interior Design Project Management


At GPM, architecture is a passion for us, which we approach critically, questioning the existing norms and attempting to provide optimum design solutions for challenges in the current real estate scenario. Our teams are known for creatively proposing costeffective and user-friendly designs. A lot of thrust is given to design process, where each stage is viewed as a significant part of a meticulous back and forth methodology.

We have specialized teams for each design sector, who have designed and built projects that include commercial projects- malls, multiplexes, corporate offices, hotels, IT Parks; institutional projects– schools, campuses, medical facilities; housing projects– residential developments, individual houses and industrial projects.

Site Selection and Analysis
Conceptualization & Design Development
Programming & Planning of Functions
Cost Evaluation & Preparation of Schedule of Quantities
Planning and Detailing
Project Completion Evaluation
Planning and Urban Design

GPM promotes an interdisciplinary collaborative approach, especially on urban development projects which employ urban designers, town planners, landscape architects, transport planners, sustainability consultants, real estate experts, financial consultants and services consultants on a common platform.

The teams engage in a variety of projects covering integrated township developments, revitalization projects, slum upgradation schemes, mass housing solutions and large-scale commercial developments. Emphasis is laid on engaging public with spaces, encourage participatory models, integrate sustainable models and improving the overall quality of life.

Physical & Socio-Economic Survey
Project Feasibility Analysis
Incorporating Interests of all Stakeholders and Encourage community Participation
Program Formulation in conjunction with Phasing Strategy
Preparation of Masterplan & Detail Urban Design Guidelines
Proposing and Assisting in Implementation Strategy
Propose Speculative Development Projects

GPM provides services from Concept to Completion, involving engineering processes at all stages of a project. Our in-house team comprises of engineers who are skilled in geotechnical survey, civil, structures, HVAC, electrical, plumbing and fire-fighting, who work in conjunction to present optimum solutions for every aspect of the project.

In addition to in-house teams, we have engineers on-site for supervision and coordination. Our main goal is to integrate technology with design to propose budget-friendly, and environmentally sustainable projects.

Structural Design
HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)
Energy Conservation Design
Electrical Systems
Plumbing Design
Fire and Life Safety Design
Infrastructure Planning
Waste Management Systems
Building Management Systems
Lighting Design
Interior Design

At GPM, we strive to propose aesthetically appealing practical designs, where interiors of a project play integral crucial role. We collaborate with skilled and innovative designers, who work with our in-house team on a variety of projects including residences, offices, commercial and recreational buildings.

We understand the importance of effective workflow in a space and the need of flexible environments, whilst incorporating the latest technology in our designs.

Workflow Analysis
Interior Space Planning
Detail Interior Designing
Furniture & Product Designing
Preparation of Schedule of Quantities
Supervision and Coordination
Project Management

Project Management plays a pivotal role in systematic operations of any project, to accomplish its stated objectives, with respect to cost, time and quality. Our teams ensure synchronized coordination between designers, consultants, construction engineers and the client.

We endeavor to meet the stakeholders' objectives and provide client satisfaction throughout the design process.

Project Speculation and Feasibility Reports
Planning and Scheduling
Monitoring Tenders and Bidding Processes all Contract Management
Coordination of all Stack holders, Vendors and Suppliers
Project Inspection, Testing and Completion Physical Progress