Manglam Aananda

Residential Projects - Jaipur, Rajasthan

Located in the Sanganer area, Aananda Township is spread over 35 Acres of land area. The site is located about 4.5 km from the International Airport and is very close to the Sanganer Railway Station. Being very well connected with the major commercial hubs of the city, the project is designed for the new generation buyers. The master plan incorporates all facilities essential for a healthy and holistic lifestyle – a fully equipped club, swimming pool, and spaces for major everyday sports activities, a local shopping complex and a commercial space. An interesting mix of housing options is offered: low rise residential floors in 4 sizes and duplex complexes complementing each floor size.

The design takes inspiration from the traditional street – courtyard concept for arid habitats and a system of transition – public to semi-private to private is planned. A network of streets leads from the main vehicular peripheral road to the central green area, where streets act as spill-out spaces for residents.
Taking cues from traditional solar passive cooling techniques, the elevation elements are designed with a view to provide solar passive cooling with the use of pergolas, jails and shading elements. These elements complement the overall façade design at the same time are cost effective and environmental friendly.
An inviting avenue greets residents towards a central roundabout which is designed as an amphitheater. It emphasizes the importance of social spaces in the design. A network of streets leads from peripheral road to the central green area.
A huge central 6 Acres of green area is proposed as a breeding ground for social activities. This green space marks an important social spot in the neighborhood, as there is lack of ample green spaces in the neighborhood. The residential units are centered around this large linear central park, which is set to delight residents of all age groups. The landscape design includes both soft and hard landscape features like-gazebo, mounds, Meditation Park, pergolas, lawn, aquatic garden etc. Various other activities important for the health of the residents, such as badminton court, jogging track, basketball court, skating rink etc. are amalgamated with the overall landscape design.

Location   :    Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Built Up Area: 1, 05,290 SQMT

Client: Manglam Build Developers Ltd.

Type: Residential Township

Duration: 2006-2011